Rolex Air-King 126900: Classic Heritage with Refined Details

In 2022, Rolex’s Air-King series underwent a redesign, with the model number changing from 116900 to 126900. At first glance, the new model does not appear to differ significantly in appearance from the previous one. The watch’s case diameter remains at 40mm, paired with a three-link stainless steel bracelet, and the dial design still retains the Bloodhound SSC automotive instrument style, with 100-meter water resistance. These features make it difficult to distinguish the new from the old without close inspection. However, the 126900 has undergone multiple adjustments in the details, and these changes have made the watch even more impressive.

Rolex Air-King

One of the most notable changes in the new Rolex Air-King (126900) is the addition of crown guards, which clearly distinguishes it from the previous model. Additionally, the 5-minute markings on the dial have been changed from a single Arabic numeral “5” to “05”, creating a more harmonious overall visual effect. The 3, 6, and 9 o’clock hour markers on the dial have also been redesigned, with the addition of Chromalight lume material, enhancing the watch’s legibility in low-light conditions.

One of the most noteworthy improvements in the 126900 is the upgrade of the movement from the previous 3131 caliber to the new 3230 caliber. This upgrade has enhanced the watch’s precision, durability, and practicality, making the new Air-King model even more ideal in various aspects.

These comprehensive internal and external revisions have allowed the Rolex Air-King series to not only carry on its classic heritage, but also usher in a new era of advancement. The resulting timepiece has become an even more perfect representation of Rolex’s watchmaking prowess.