Olaolu Slawn’s Custom Rolex Datejust Spurs a New Wave of Watch Modification

custom Rolex

Olaolu Slawn – A new custom Rolex Datejust

In recent years, genuine Rolex watches have continued to enjoy immense popularity among watch enthusiasts, while the trend of modified watches seems to be gradually fading. However, renowned artist Olaolu Slawn has recently introduced a new custom Rolex Datejust model, once again capturing the attention of collectors.

The Rolex Datejust timepiece, personally designed by Olaolu Slawn, features a striking dial design. Slawn has replaced the traditional hour markers with his signature bold graffiti patterns, bestowing the Rolex with a unique personality and style. Additionally, the vibrant red, orange, and blue hues contrast sharply with the silver bezel and bracelet, adding significant visual impact.

Olaolu Slawn - A new custom Rolex Datejust

Sold out entirely within five minutes

This custom Rolex is released in a limited quantity, priced at HKD 151,028, and sold out entirely within five minutes. Although the exact number of pieces released remains undisclosed, the rapid sell-out attests to the high demand and value of this custom creation. Notably, British rapper Santan Dave is reported to be the first owner of this exclusive model.

custom Rolex

A Bespoke Rolex Box

Beyond the watch itself, Olaolu Slawn has also meticulously designed a bespoke watch box, adorned with unique patterns that complement the overall aesthetic of the timepiece.

It is worth mentioning that a decade ago, the trend of modified watches had created a significant stir in the Rolex community. However, over time, watch enthusiasts have gradually returned to favoring the original versions. Whether Olaolu Slawn’s endeavor will reignite the customization trend remains to be seen, but it certainly holds much anticipation.

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